Most sessions are 1 hour in duration. The setting is a calm and tranquil space. A quiet space without music is important for spiritual reasons: the liquids in your body move to their own subtle rhythmic patterns and I "listen" to the "inner music" of your body through my hands. If external music is playing in the background your body's natural rhythmic patterns will be altered by the frequency of the sound and this will interfere with the ability to "listen" properly with hands.

What does a Manual  Osteopath do?

On your first visit to a Manual Osteopath, a thorough case history will be taken followed by an in-depth evaluation of the structures of your body.  The safety and precision of the treatment is ensured by the detailed medical history.  A full body examination will be performed because it is important to asses the function and effect that all the structures, however distant, have on the painful area.
A Manual Osteopath may initially focus on the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones and connective tissues), which reflects and influences the condition of all other body systems and makes up about two-thirds of the body's mass. 
A Manual Osteopath helps the body heal itself by initially diagnosing the cause and nature of the complaint and then using manual techniques to address the structures involved in the dis-ease, pain or illness.
Manual Osteopaths use their eyes and hands to identify structural problems that are preventing the body's natural tendency towards health and self-healing. Treatment is adjusted to the requirements of the individual and is aimed at improving whole body function.


I use Solum Oil obtained from Switzerland. It is a very special blend of Olive oil, Lavender, and Moore. Each component of Solum has a specific effect.
We all know the benefit of Olive oil on the skin, and how much Lavender oil is calming and relaxing for the mind and the Crown Chakra.  Moore is turf, pete, thereby already „dead“ only not rotting, but keeping its fibres in the ground over long long time, hundreds of years … Rudolf Steiner calls turf a  "digestion disturbance of the Earth“ - and tells that it can be used to shelter people from outer influences such as planetary, electromagnetic and radioactivity influences. 

Additional Services: 

-Liver and Kidney Detox

It is an ancient therapy that helps restore the functions of the Liver and the Kidneys, and help you have a better focus, less anxiety, a better digestion, deal with phobias and panic, and many more psycho-somatics benefits. Therefore, I  use planetary metals in cream format which are homeopathic potencies, depending on the ailment. (Gold for courage, love and acceptance, Copper for harmony, balance in life and depression, Iron for strength and Gall bladder...)

- Body Wrapping, or Mummification Technique:

Choosing this therapy technique, a thin layer of the Solum Oil will be applied on your body according to the spiritual forces that builds it, then your body will be wrapped in white cotton sheets, and you will be left there for 20 minutes. This technique helps you connect with your inner child, as it helps building your spiritual bodies, and its a total rejuvenation on all level. 

The technique used is similar to how the ancient Egyptians used to mummify their Pharaohs, so that they will have more power in the after life.

-Body scrubbing:

We all know about scrubbing, but with this technique, it will help you get rid of the negative energies that are stuck on you, and help any entity that is attached to your body/aura. This is a very invigorating and liberating process, you will feel as a new person afterwards, even your thoughts pattern will be changed. 

I follow what your body and soul need as you step into the clinic. We all hold different issues that are incorporated in our body, and we are all different everyday, depending on our thoughts, feelings and actions.

I am trained in : 

  • Relational-Somatic Psychotherapy (Level I, Canada)

  • Neuro-Meningeal Manipulation: brain injury, concussion, whiplash (U.S.A.)

  • Manual Osteopathy ( Canada)

  • Rhythmical Massage Therapy  (Switzerland)

  • Physiotherapy (Lebanon)

  • Hypnotherapy (Canada)

  • Neuro-Skeletal Calibration (Canada)

  • Crystal Therapy (Spain)

  • Chinese Massage (Lebanon, Kuwait)

  • Psycho-somatic reading ( France)

  • Distant Healing (France)

  • Reiki (Lebanon) 

  • Additional Holistic Therapies

Research papers:

  • Psychotherapy and Osteopathy

  • Depression and Massage

  • Biography of Helena P. Blavatsky 

  • Plant observation and its effect.

  • Healing Hands

  • Planets effects on our physical organ

  • Karma and Reincarnation

  • Occult Physiology

"The hands are the most formative, most sensitive of our living tools."

Dr M. Hauschka


History of Rhythmical Massage Therapy:

Rhythmical Massage Therapy had its origins in the 1920’s through the impulse of Ita Wegman, a physician who was also trained in physiotherapy and Swedish massage. She worked closely with Rudolf Steiner to establish a clinic in Switzerland for the practice of anthroposophical medicine. It was at this clinic that Ita Wegman applied the spiritual scientific understanding of the human being to Swedish massage. 

Joined there by Dr. Margarethe Hauschka, the two collaborated for twelve years to further develop this new approach to massage therapy, which Dr. Hauschka later called “Rhythmical Massage as indicated by Dr. Ita Wegman”. 

It was practiced by massage therapists and nurses in anthroposophical clinics and Camphill communities as these spread throughout Europe and the Americas. In 1962 a professional training course for Rhythmical Massage Therapy was established in Bad Boll, Germany by Dr. Hauschka.