History of Rhythmical Massage Therapy:

Rhythmical Massage Therapy had its origins in the 1920’s through the impulse of Ita Wegman, a physician who was also trained in physiotherapy and Swedish massage. She worked closely with Rudolf Steiner to establish a clinic in Switzerland for the practice of anthroposophical medicine. It was at this clinic that Ita Wegman applied the spiritual scientific understanding of the human being to Swedish massage.

Joined there by Dr. Margarethe Hauschka, the two collaborated for twelve years to further develop this new approach to massage therapy, which Dr. Hauschka later called “Rhythmical Massage as indicated by Dr. Ita Wegman”.

It was practiced by massage therapists and nurses in anthroposophical clinics and Camphill communities as these spread throughout Europe and the Americas. In 1962 a professional training course for Rhythmical Massage Therapy was established in Bad Boll, Germany by Dr. Hauschka.

About Me

Welcome to my website.

 My name is Elias Abdel Ahad. I am an International Rhythmical Massage Therapist and an Anthroposophist dedicated to the Spiritual Science of Healing, with over 18 years of experience as an international therapist and workshop facilitator.

I believe that the body expresses the conflicts that exist in our psyche- issues with emotional expression or suppression, conflictual thoughts based in errant belief systems, and willful action that follows both. These conflicts often manifest as problems in one or several organ systems or their function (such as heart, liver, musculoskeletal system ...).

​My training in the modalities listed below reflects my deep understanding of ourBody-Spirit-Mind connection and deep desire to help my clients orchestrate authentic healing and change in their lives.

I am trained in : 

  • Rhythmical Massage Therapy  (Switzerland)
  • Physiotherapy (Lebanon)
  • Hypnotherapy (Canada)
  • Neuro-Skeletal Calibration (Canada)
  • Crystal Therapy (Spain)
  • Chinese Massage (Lebanon, Kuwait, China)
  • Psycho-somatic reading ( France)
  • Distant Healing (France)
  • Reiki (Lebanon) 
  • Relational-Somatic Psychotherapy (ongoing training-Canada)
  • Additional Holistic Therapies

Why Choose Me?

 My practice is customised to your specific needs within each session.

               "Your Issue Is In Your Tissue"

In the process of the session, your soul will manifest itself more freely in your body, and I will be able to read and feel better what is going on:

  • Your emotions ( and traumas)  will be expressed through your body in varying degrees which I can “read” through energetic patterns and patterns of physical tension and holding. This process allows me to receive impressions that can be helpful to discuss together at the end of the session.

  • Your thoughts  may feel disorganized and chaotic in an unfamiliar way at first – this is quite normal and is a consequence of supporting a significant shift in the mind-body experience. This is often (usually) followed by an experience of a deeply, soul-embracing sense of peace, with a drift into slow brain wave activity (theta waves) – this is the state between conscious and unconscious processes of the mind and is an important stage of integrating the healing that follows these sessions. Sleep often follows where the brain makes significant changes in neural connections that further support change and integration.

  • Your willing or actions - after the session(s), you will gradually have increased awareness of habitual ways of being in the world and relationship with yourself and others. You will find a deeper connection to what your heart and soul desires and will find choice in taking action in accordance with these feelings. Awareness of “old” concepts about yourself and others will increase and you will find greater integration of the thinking parts of yourself and the deeper, physically held feeling parts – this is the perfect condition for more soul-full living.

Rudolf Steiner said that "in the future the hands will become sense-organs", and this is what will happen in the session, I will be listening to what is going on inside and outside of your body. 

At the end of the session, I may add a hypnotherapy affirmation or regression if something needs to be unfolded so that the result will be long lasting. 

Research papers:

(Available upon request)

  • Depression and Massage
  • Biography of Helena P. Blavatsky 
  • Plant observation and its effect.
  • Healing Hands
  • Planets effects on our physical organ
  • Karma and Reincarnation
  • Occult Physiology

"Rhythmical Massage Therapy is the bridge between all manual therapies (deep touch) and energy work therapies (no touch). 

It is like the mind that connects our body to our soul."


"The hands are the most formative, most sensitive of our living tools."

Dr M. Hauschka